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Welcome Friends to The WingedHearts Community.

Talking to our backyard birds has taught us much about bird culture. 

The magpies, butcherbirds, noisy-miners, currawongs and crows have taken us into their hearts and their families and shown us just how loving, caring, rich and intricate their relationships are within their families, within their own communities and also in their daily interaction with the other birds with whom they share their habitat and form part of their network.  Interestingly, these birds are considered to be amongst the top most aggressive in Australia.

The smaller and more vulnerable birds like the thornbills, wrens, rosellas and lorikeets have also shown us their eagerness to comunicate with us and share their friendships.

On this site we share their stories with you. Through the slideshows and articles that you can browse through our galleries, we hope to give you an insight into the tremendous capacity of the birds to interact with us and the world around them in their communication as well as their emotional and social lives.  Over twelve years of  experience has given us hundreds of stories and photographs.  These will be added to the site progressively and the updates and new releases will be announced in the free e-zine Wild Bird Talking which will be issued to subscribers via e-mail.  The e-zine also gives readers the opportunity to share their stories and read articles re improving bird-human understanding and co-habitation from professional guest authors.

Readers looking forward to more regular updates are invited to participate in the WingedHearts blog.

Readers are welcome to browse through the slideshows and articles in seven galleries:

Meeting Maggie   -   Read about Maggie's special friendshsip with our dogs and see some glimpses from his interesting life.

Birds I View   -   Meet 16 species that visit our backyard and get an insight into their personalities.  (Over 16 more are in the pipeline.)

Feathery Tales   -   Bring you short stories about the how we have seen the different species interact with each other.

Grounded!   -   Tells you about the animals that share the same territory as the birds.

Not Just A Bird...   -   Shares insights into the loving, caring and socially intricate lives of the birds based on our daily observations of incidents in their lives.

The Sticky Beak   -   A kaleidoscope of cute and funny anecdotes as the birds hope about their daily business.

Winged Tips   -   Tips, techniques and commentaries on bird behaviour and developing friendships with them.

We hope you enjoy the stories and insights and urge to subscribe to the e-zine using the opt-in box in the left hand menu to keep informed of updates.  We would love to hear from you and you can send your comments and stories to info@wingedhearts.org

We hope you will join us in creating a better understanding between humans and the birds and other co-habitants of our wonderful planet.

With Best Wishes

Gitie and Ron



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