Dedicated to understanding  the remarkable emotional, social and mental abilities of birds, and the unsuspected richness of their societies.

Cruelty Towards Bats on The Coast

By Gavin Miles from Bats Qld

 flying fox pierced by dartIn recent months there has been a spate of deliberate acts of cruelty towards bats on the Gold Coast.  These acts seem to have coincided with the sensationalised articles from our favourite fish wrap the Courier Mail and GC Bulletin. BatsQLD members were involved rescuing in two of these cases; Cherokee (Shot with a blow dart) and Peter Sterling (Shot with a .177 calibre air rifle). 

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Barbara's Backyard Birds

 by Nora Kennedy

Barbara Hegge is a dear friend who lives in Brisbane on a property with a beautiful lake which is home to many magnificent water birds.

Barbara's Backyard Birds

  The birds frequent Barbara's yard regularly.

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Fly Free Tulip - A Little Black Flying Fox

by Gabi Friebe from Long Grass Wildlife Refuge and Bats Qld

flying fox

Tulip was an orphaned baby rescued from Esk. I got the call late afternoon and went to check. I saw the mother high up in a tree looking down and the baby was just hysterical. Seemed like a perfect reunite so I fed the baby, gave it a mumma roll tied to a branch where the mum could easily land and as I was on the way to Long Grass decided to leave the two to get together after dusk. The baby was calm by this stage and there was a helpful caller who would keep an eye on the situation who advised me that there was some altercation with dogs which is why they separated in the first place. 10pm I called to see if the mum was with bub. Sadly no and bub was screaming. Yes you guessed it back in the car for the trek to Esk to colect Tulip. Next day passing Esk on my way back to Batavia the mum was still up the tree fairly obviously injured by her altercation with the dogs and unable to fly. She had not moved. Such a sad situation but I was comforted slightly by knowing how pleased mum would be to not hear her baby screaming.  

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Peacocks at Ranthambore National Park

Peacocks and peahens prance about the Ranthambore National Forest enjoying the food found in the scrub especially near the lakes. Only a tiny hint of the splendid terracotta underfeathers from the side (see pics at bottom for a view of the magnificent plumage).peacock at ranthambore

A bird cools his feet in the in the shallow edged of the lake. His famous tail feathers are tightly folded behind him, disguising its size and splendour.

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