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This site is brought to you by Maggie magpie's human friends, Ron and Gitie. (Click here for more information on WingedHearts.org)

Intrigued by Maggie's friendship with our dogs Scotty and Benny,  we made friends with Maggie and began talking with him (since 2001). Maggie soon introduced us to his family and friends. As we followed up on their daily activities, we discovered just how eager the common backyard birds are to talk to us humans, return the friendship and treat us humans as part of their extended community. The more interest we showed, the more they responded. As a result we have gained some unique insights into their relationships with each other in their families, their communities and also with members of other bird and animal species. 

All the birds are wild, that is, they live freely in the open bush. While we know many of them by name, none of them are tame enough to eat from our hands. In fact Gitie is a little bird-phobic. Yet the birds talk to us, answer us and show us amazing aspects of their complex, rich and extremely loving relationships.  Each year more birds from different species come and introduce themselves to us or respond lovingly to our attempts to talk to them. 

On this website we share their stories with you and we hope that it will encourage readers to make friends with the birds in their backyards and share their stories with us.  We feel sure that these insights would apply to many birds all over the world. When presenting readers' stories and material, all sources will be properly acknowledged.

Since 2002, we have been keeping regular journals on our observations.

In our book "How to Identify Individual Birds" we show th ereader quick techniques they can use to recognise and make friends with birds in their own backyard. In our second book "How To Communicate with Backyard Birds" we show how to communicate with the birds in your backyard based on our real life experiences with the birds. 

 All the stories and information we present here are our personal opinions based on our true life experiences with the birds.  All the photographs, (and audio-visual materials) have also been taken from our home camera. Our prior professional education and experience is in the fields of physics, science, mathematics, computing and software development. Ron is the author of  "Beginning With C".  Our personal calling is in the fields of planetary ethics and philosophy and have previously co-authored the e-book, 'Light, Goodness, The Tree of Life'. We discovered the Principle of Goodness' some years ago and have presented papers about the principle at international UNESCO,  Humanities, and Philosophy conferences.

Readers have asked for more audio and video presentations. These will be included progressively as time and bandwidth permit.

We look forward to hearing from our readers and welcome your feedback and comments. Most of all we would love to hear your stories and share ways in which we can all work together to improve our understanding, communications and the lives of all the creatures around our homes with whom we share this planet, and who although not as capable as us humans, are still not short of love and spirit.

Warm wishes to all,

Ron and Gitie House

Ron and Gitie

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